The Vacation Begins

We’re actually leaving for Branson in the morning (thanks for staying at the house, Lisa!), but we kicked off the vacation tonight with sushi and a Preds game with friends.


I don’t think I’ve ever stopped to watch an NHL game on TV, but a friend of our got us tickets and went with us and we had an AWESOME time. I’ve never been much on sports, but this week has been a big week: my first college football game and my first professional sports game: NHL. If I would have had my phone on Sunday, we would have had free tickets to the Titans game (50 yard line).

We started with sushi:

Then the game:

We got all kinds of free stuff…it pays to have connections…and laughed like crazy! Good times and a new camera! Woohoo!


We’ll definitely be visiting another game in the near future…



4 thoughts on “The Vacation Begins

  1. Robin

    You guys look so good! I am glad you guys are having some good ol’ down time with friends and a chance to get away for a while. Have a wonderful time!

  2. Such a cute couple!

    The past couple of weekends, Dave has watched “Hockey Night in Canada” where there’s a double header, or like last time, a … triple header?

    We hardly ever sit in the living room together so I just snuggle to him and watch these guys with sticks skate around pushing this thick disk and occasionally getting in fights.

    I know more than that, but that sounds funny. 😀

    I find it odd that Hockey is the only non-violent sport (like boxing and wrestling) that unofficially promotes fighting.

    I mean, yea, there’s the penalty box, but some of them take pride in that. Imagine if a fight broke out in basketball or football.

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