Millenials/Generation Yers

I’m a member of the American Society for Training and Development and we had our monthly chapter meeting today. The topic of discussion was “The Flip-Flop Generation.” (Co-incidentally I thought that since my vacation starts tomorrow that I would just wear jeans and a fleece pullover- I wore flip-flops yesterday but it was too cold for them today – I saw one other person out of about 400 in jeans) I usually get incensed at these types of conversations – probably because I’m about a typical of a Yer as you’ll find. The speakers were excellent, but the side bar discussions at the tables when these items come up are what absolutely hack me off. It’s estimated that approximately half of the American workforce will be made up of Generation Y by 2020.

It’s obvious that we Yers haven’t figured it all out – yet – but it blows me a way when Boomers and Xers are so condescending of my generation – especially since they created this monster. If you think that giving new hires the right to approach CEOs or allowing college grads the right to speak at your meetings is bad – then quit letting them discuss everything with you in your home. Who my generation has become is a result of the way our parents raised us – that we’re all special, and we deserve our ribbons and trophies. If you don’t like working with those types of people – quit feeding the monster. 🙂

Yers need to be taught how to interact with other generations just as much as old folks need to learn how to coddle the Yers. That’s the absolutely toughest part to me – learning how to communicate as effectively to a 60 year old in the workplace as I can to a 25 year old. Coaching, mentoring, and training are all a part of the process – but don’t be fooled into believing that the kids are right in their approach and the parents (Boomers and Xers) just need to learn how to deal with them – that’s what got us into this mess in the first place.

LOL. This is a rant that I imagine not many will understand or care about, but if you are interested, do a little research on cross-generational workplaces and cross-generation communication – it helps a lot in ministry as well.



One thought on “Millenials/Generation Yers

  1. Randi Smith

    I love it Bear…and you are absolutely right about WHO created your generation….there are many of you who have been raised to respect others opinions no matter the age and to know that those in my generation can teach your generation a lot but if folks in my generation would look at you for the intellegent, seeing folks that you are they could learn a lot from you, I know Ray and I have…..that said, there are also many in your generation who have absolutly no respect for anyone, no matter what generation they fall into…but alas again…WHO created THAT monster……lol

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