Because I’ve worked part-time as a contractor for the past year, I haven’t been able to take vacation. As a matter of fact, I’ve only taken one or two holidays at all this year – no work = no pay. Since I’ve been moved to FT status, I get my holidays/vacation back. I’m so glad that we can get out of town. We drive back in and then I fly back out the same day for NJ, so it’s going to be a crazy couple of weeks. We’re going to be hard to get a hold of…try email first – my cell number is going to change in the next couple of days as well.

Off to Branson for a relaxing time in the mountains, then home to spend time with family. I’m hoping to post some while we’re gone…especially since we’re finally getting a digital camera. This site should brighten up quite a bit with pictures.

Not being at UC won’t feel real for a couple of weeks, but I’m sure it’ll hit us like a freight train the first week in December.


One thought on “Vacation

  1. Robin

    I hope you guys have a wonderful time in Branson, I can not think of two people that deserve time away more then you guys! I hope the Lord uses this time to give you answers you are looking for and peace within your heart. We just missed each other in Branson, I will be there in a couple of weeks…it will be shop to you drop! Love you guys, have a safe trip!

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