Sounds of Fall

When the leaves change, this is the track I hear in my head. I stole this CD (December by George Winston) from my parents when I was a kid. It has my favorite arrangement of my favorite Christmas song, and Chel walked the aisle to Cannon in D off of this CD as well.


3 thoughts on “Sounds of Fall

  1. leslie

    omg absolutely beatiful, i thought of family ,love, MOM,………….tears,,,,,,,,,,,,,and more……………….. where can i find this?

  2. Randi Smith

    hey Bear, can you bring me a copy of that next time you come? i need instrumental music here at work….if there’s words i wanna sing and no one neds to hear that! it also allows me to think better….i’d take copies of anything like that that you have. i especially like piano and acoustic guitar….tell chels hi…i love you guys and miss you a whole bunch….R

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