9 days till the Arkansas/Tennessee game and we’re going! Any suggesting on tailgating before the game?

15 days till Branson! Silver Dollar City, Apple Cider, Condo with fire place, Marshall Creamery, road side smoke houses, and outlet shopping for Chel. What’s your favorite vacation place and what do you like to do there?



6 thoughts on “Countdowns

  1. Shannon

    Can I get an “Amen”? I would also like to point out that us dedicated and loving wives will experience harsh weather, sleepiness, Tammy’s horrific driving, long lines, vicious women shoppers, wreckless women pushing baby strollers, and terrible traffic just to make sure that our precious families have a good Christmas. We’ll eat at a really good restaurant where Tammy will just order a salad…dry. We will make fun of her until she throws a bag of candy at us. We’ll then stand in a line for hours to purchase a $10 shirt that Richard will end up returning. The bright side of this is Chel is the only one employed in the group, so we will try and sneak little items for our families into her buggy to get her to pay without knowing. So I guess Mateo, I need to go ahead and thank you for purchasing my kids Christmas! Thanks! You’re such a great brother in Christ!

  2. jdellis

    Don’t wear red!!! If you do, take a change of clothes just in case Arkansas loses. Don’t want anything to happen to you guys.

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