So it’s a really sad desperate attempt at a jack-o-lantern, but before you say anything, hear this – it was my first, and the skin was so thick I had to use chain saw to get through it (not really, but just about). Chelsea did the S, or I would have massacred it. By the way – GO HOGS – slaughter the Gamecocks!


What’s on your pumpkin?


7 thoughts on “Jack-O-Lantern

  1. I heard you’re supposed to scoop out the inside so the walls are thinner. They even make handy-dandy scoops just for this. Coni, one of our room mates is going to work on a jack-o-lantern sometime today.

  2. Jenny Hudson

    I think it looks great buddy. i hope you cooked the pumpkin seeds..mmmm makes me hungry thinking about it. love you guys and miss you lots. y’all got the word we’re pregnant again right?

  3. Mom

    In your defense…you don’t come from a household with lots of experience in the Jack’OLantern dept. I think you did a great job. We’re going to the game. Look for us on TV. 🙂

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