Enjoying Friends

Chel and some girls from UC are at the By Divine Design conference at Oasis Worship Center this weekend. I hung out with Freddy and his kiddos last night. I’ve been putting final touches on tomorrow’s message and doing some house cleaning.

I can’t get a hold of the guy who was going to play keys this weekend, so it looks like yours truly will be playing on Revelation Song – but Beth is back to lead tomorrow! She’ll blow it away like normal!

I need to finish picking up the house – Freddy got his hands on tickets for “Walking with the Dinosaurs” and since Angela is at the conference with Chel, I get the ticket. I’ve heard it’s flippin’ sweet…

Tomorrow’s message….Religion Bites Pt. 2: Hurt People, Hurt People.

Tomorrow will be a busy day up at 4:45, Setup, Rehearsal, Worship, Playing Keys, Teaching, Tear Down, Short Nap, Fly out of town on business, check into the hotel by midnight, and up by 5:30 (est) for safety training at customer’s site. I’m already looking forward to bed on Monday night… 🙂



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