Thanks, Don!

I grabbed lunch with Chel today and I popped in one of the old-school CDs I stole from my dad last time we were in Arkansas. It’s been some old school Vineyard, Maranatha, Darrell Evans, and Don Moen. I honestly believe that there have been few people who have made the impact and contribution to the contemporary worship movement than Don Moen. Don Moen and Integrity Music have brought leaders such as Paul Baloche, Darrell Evans, Darlene Zschech and the entire Hillsong team, Israel and the New Breed, Lincoln Brewster, Ross Parsley and the entire New Life Church team, Alvin Slaughter, Ron Kenoly, Robin Mark, Paul Wilbur, Lenny LeBlanc and others to the scene. The music we hear from Crowder, Tomlin, Charlie Hall, and many other leaders today are the result of people like Don and other old-school worship leaders who took tons of flack for breaking out of the piano and orchestra mold.

I want to say thanks to Don, the old-school Integrity, Maranatha, and Vineyard folks for blazing the trail so we can do what we do today.



2 thoughts on “Thanks, Don!

  1. Worshiping to Don Moen’s music used to bring me to tears more than just about anything I’ve ever experienced in worship.
    Back in 1997 when we started our first church, Soaring Eagle Baptist Church, we did “karaoke worship”, using a LOT of Don Moen’s “contemporary” worship songs on tape. Wow…it was amazing that people could actually worship to “recorded” music, but we did!

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