A Couple of Thoughts

A couple of random thoughts tonight:

Joe and Pam had 9 folks at their 2nd connect group tonight. We had planned on waiting till the spring to launch more groups, but we may have to do it much sooner.

I love strawberry cake with cream cheese icing.

Sometimes what seems like common sense and the bible collide. Trust me, the Word will always ring true.

My business unit at work has had a great year, which means they’re talking about bringing me on full time with benefits and paid holidays.

The sad day with business is that they want me to fly to NJ every other week for the next few months – yuck! I hate being away from Chel, and I hate taking projects in the North during the winter. I thought I was going to die in Chicago in January.

I love teaching the Word – but the responsibility of it is heavy.

I miss my family.

I love the Lord. He’s so good to me.



3 thoughts on “A Couple of Thoughts

  1. Shannon

    Lifting you up as you prepare to teach.
    Missing and loving you guys every day.
    Next time you’re home…there will be a strawberry cake with cream cheese icing waiting on you.
    Yeah, the responsibility of presenting the Word is heavy…but isn’t it the greatest too?

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