Set List 10/07/07

How refreshing. We had a full band that tore it up – thanks to Dave Sims for switching from bass to keys this weekend, and also, thanks to Rich Gurrerro and Mike Friedrick for filling in for us this weekend. We were a little slow getting rolling this morning for rehearsal, but I felt great about the sound and feel.

The Lord’s really convicted me this week of not walking confidently in my calling. I’ve let circumstance and frustrations make me into an unconfident worship leader. I started rehearsal this morning with repenting to the team for doing a poor job of leading. We moved from that into a time of prayer to start off the morning. That’s something I did the first 5 years I led worship – every time. Not just me praying to start things off – but encouraging every team member to spend time preparing their heart – slowing down and reflecting on Him. It’s kind of like a tithe – you know, it redeems the rest. Since we’ve started like that – we’ve hand ample time, even starting 10-15 minutes later and adding a song. It’s important to have a spiritual transition time when you come out of 2 hours of setting up.

Our set today consisted of:
A – Break Free (Hillsong)
D – I Am Free (New Life/Ross Parsley)
B – Salvation is Here (Hillsong)
G – Everlasting God (New Life (NOT Benton Brown))
A – Above All (Hillsong London)

Transitions were a little slow between songs, but you know 3 seconds of silence can feel like an eternity. Now, to finding an electric player for next weekend…



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