El SOL!!!

5 hours flat and one pit stop and I made it here! Straight in for hugs and then dinner at El Sol. I sure do miss the cost of living in Arkansas. Dinner for the four of us: $39.00. Got to see my sister and she approved of the new hair cut (she’s a hair stylist). Thanks Jeremy at Salon Ajavi!

Groups kicked off this week! Yay!

We have a full band for the weekend…which means hopefully I’ll get to sleep some between now and Sunday morning…

That’s it for now…



4 thoughts on “El SOL!!!

  1. Robin

    i hope you had a good visit..missed you at bill rays wedding, i thought you might be there. hope you got some good family time. have a great day!

  2. Anne

    Hey, friends! Really hoped to see you at BRay’s wedding, but I know you are VERY busy. BRay and Jessica bought the house I was looking at, but I think I’m going to buy the house across the street, and James and Laura Pierce live just around the corner. Another FC neighborhood! Would love to hear from you guys. Miss you and love you bunches!
    Anne p.s. If I move, I sure will miss being a block away from El Sol, but I’ll still be closer than you are. 🙂 hugs

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