Can’t Sleep

I’m having one of those nights where I just haven’t been able to sleep – too much on my mind. The current “musician crisis” as I like to refer to it, has my mind reeling, on top of an upcoming message, the church’s website, and set lists for the next couple of weeks in light of the musician crisis and a couple of other things. So I went ahead and outlined the message so I could dump it out of my head for the night, and I’ve written down and scheduled some new songs coming up at UC over the next two months. I’ve got to chart the songs and get the mp3s loaded to and I’ll feel even better. We’ll save that for later this week.

I’ve shot off some emails about the website, sent out another set of recruiting emails for musicians, and now I’ve blogged. If you want to hear some of the newer songs coming up at UC, check these out:

Above All

All Because of Jesus

Lead Me to the Cross

Happy Day

Sweetly Broken

From the Inside Out


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