Playing Tourguide

Chelsea’s dad and his wife are in town this weekend to visit us. They called Monday to let us know that they were coming up. It’s been a nerve wracking week as Chel has anticipated getting the house clean enough and the plans lined out for the weekend.

It turns out, we’re playing tour guides this weekend. The sad day is we don’t even know that much about this city. We’ve just moved here about a year ago. With most folks who come in, we take them to the famous Loveless Cafe (Praise the Lard and Pass the Biscuits) in hopes of seeing a star out having breakfast. Then we take them for a trip down the Natchez Trace Parkway to view a touch of the beauty this city has to offer. Today, it looks like we’re hitting downtown, music row, Opry, and Loveless. Too bad I can’t tell them anything about this stuff while we’re looking at it… I already can’t wait till bed time tonight…we’re going to be so tired getting up at 4:45 tomorrow to make it to setup…



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