What’s Your Sweet Spot?

I heard Andy Stanley give a talk on finding your “sweet spot” about 5 years ago at a C3 conference…that talk comes back to my mind on a regular basis… Here’s what’s going through my head now, some of this is his, some of these things are my thoughts.

Life doesn’t always afford us the opportunity to work in our sweet spot, but I’ve found in my short life that my greatest hindrance to operating in my sweet spot is my fear of letting go of things that aren’t in my sweet spot. I’m amazed by the people God has surrounded us with at UC. The attitude (servant’s heart) and skill levels of these people astound me. If you’ve read Pastor Joe’s blog recently, you know he’s trying to “let go” of things right now and release other areas to people who can take it farther. I’m in turn trying to do the same thing.

It’s amazing that the areas of ministry I’m responsible for at UC are already too much for me to handle. (By handle – I mean that natural feeling I have that I need to control things.) Most importantly, if I try to maintain control of these items – I’m going to completely miss my two sweet spots – leading worship, and pastoring people. In the past, leading worship has always meant arranging music/selecting music, working rehearsals, working transitions, creative team involvement, scheduling musicians, setting up equipment, etc. Chel and I are really looking for “the” person to turn this over to at UC. I can’t tell you how hard it is to imagine my life without that, but if I can free myself from those administrative details – I can spend more time with people. With the other areas we’re responsible for, we’ve got people who know 10x more than we know – my involvement only confuses getting things done.

So what about you? Are you serving where you fit best? Are you holding onto things and causing life to be difficult for others? Are you using the gifts God’s given you?


2 thoughts on “What’s Your Sweet Spot?

  1. I may have been at the same conference you were when Stanley said that. What amazed me in what he said was this… “Somebody is absolutely JAZZED by what you don’t like to do or don’t do well.” That has changed my world as a minister. It makes TOTAL sense, so now I look for those people! What a relief to set someone loose in the kingdom to do a work they love, and to see them succeed greatly! And… not have to worry about it falling back on MY plate again!

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