Connect Groups

In addition to overseeing our “Creative Arts,” Chel and I also oversee our small group ministry. All of our Connect Groups are launching next week! Woohoo! It’s take a little longer to get them kicked up this fall than I had hoped, but the move into the Regal has required a great deal of meetings, planning, and doing. We’re getting everybody up and going this week. Information on group leaders, locations, and meeting times should be available at the Info Table this weekend or by email sometime early next week.

We’re in the middle of a massive house cleaning to get the house cleaned and ready for our guests this weekend and group next Thursday night. We’re having the carpets cleaned (part of our lease renewal for the apartment) on Tuesday or Wednesday. Yay! We had a tiny, tiny house back in Arkansas…as in 750 sq. ft. You could take a shower, cook dinner, and watch TV all at the same time…okay, that’s an exaggeration, but it was tiny. We couldn’t have a group in our house, because only 6 of us could fit in the house at a time. We were so excited when we found this apartment (1,560 sq.ft.), because we knew part of it would be having people over. We’re so pumped to have folks back to the house again – it’s been way too long.



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