Spike the Cat

Some of you have been introduced to Spike. Though the name implies differently, he’s a docile lovable little beast. I’m not much of animal person – though I try desperately for the sake of my wife (her entire family is crazy about animals). He’s a Maine Coon, which is a really odd breed of cat – they act more like dogs. He follows me up and down the stairs of our apartment all day long, he plays fetch, AND, he needs to be shaved.

I’m afriad we’re going to be terrible parents some day, b/c we’ll laugh at our kids when they look stupid – much like we laughed at our cat today. They leave his mane and tail, but shave the rest of him down pretty close to the skin. Poor Spike is the favorite house toy for all of our friends with kids. One time he ran away during the middle of a hang-out time with the group because they had frightened him so much. We think the stress is good for his heart on occasion. 🙂

Maine coons moo more than they meow. They also have gigantic feet that look like show shoes, or in the case that they’re not shaved, they look like bad leg warmers from the 80s.


5 thoughts on “Spike the Cat

  1. Tawni Atwood

    Poor Spike! Don’t let the other “neighborhood cats” see him. He’ll be the butt of their jokes! Oh, by the way, you’ll make awesome parents one day ! You absolutely have to have humor to raise children !!!!!!! You’ll go crazy otherwise. Love you guys!!!!!

  2. Adam

    you forgot to tell everone not to sit at the dinner table without pulling up the table-cloth because he will attack your feet. OUCH i still remember that.

    Adam :o)

  3. Paul

    Hi there – I came across this page by pure accident, but your cat looks a lot like my cat – also named Spike!! Apart from the fact that my cat is probably nowhere as big as yours, and he isn’t shaved, the faces are very similar! But my cat is (I think) a british blue/persian cross and nowhere near as big as these maine coons can get. I am beginning to think he may have a touch of maine coon in him, except for his size.
    I just thought I’d share that!

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