Don’t Make Fun of My Clipboard!!!

To Zach, Erika, Dana, and Jeromy –

Don’t make fun of my clipboard. I’ve never been a jock or even enjoyed sports. I’ve been a pansey musician all of my life – so don’t come prancing in and rain on my parade when Chel’s team let’s me keep the books and carry the clip board. I feel like a small part of the team when they ask me who’s up to bat – and yes, I do feel like I wield some amount of power when I hold it.

Chel likes to compare it to my clipboard o’ fun I had when we first started dating (my daytimer). Talk about having to work through some relationship issues, that clipboard (I like to blame the clipboard rather than taking credit for my own personality faults) caused some major grief in our early years of dating.

By the way – congratulations to the Barracudas on retaining their 1st place position when competing in a double header tonight against the 2nd place team. The first game was something like 28-6, but the second was 18-17, pulled out in the last inning with the final run being Chelsea! Only two more weeks of games!

The fall air felt fantastic tonight…



2 thoughts on “Don’t Make Fun of My Clipboard!!!

  1. Vicky

    You go boy. Who ever said you had to play the sport to be a team player. The score keeper, water boy, etc. all play a major role and are just as equally important. Because if it wasn’t for these guys there would be confusion every where. So, my conclusion is, you are a jock. Enjoy! I think you should be team captain.

    PS way to go team!

  2. ok, i don’t remember anyone making fun of your clipboard. we were just remarking on how “in charge” you looked with it and how well you wielded it, especially scooping up that foul ball.

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