Highly Technical

WARNING: The jargon below will be slightly technical for our typical reading audience, but hopefully someone will find this useful (it’s important to know that our theater seat 310):

Our inputs include the following: Live video feed, Keynote Presentation via Mac, and DVD player. These inputs run into a Videonics MX-1. The MX-1 feeds into a signal amplifier (we were told not to push S-video greater than 50 ft. without an amplifier). The signal amplifier pushes a signal about 80 ft. up to the theater’s projector (BNC Connectors to a Y-Connector running back into S-video) and down to an LCD TV we use on stage to prompt Pastor Joe and me with lyrics and points (also BNC connectors to a Y-connector running back into S-Video). Freddy (our media director) runs the Keynote Presentation and MX-1 switcher.

We’re now using a Mackie Onyx 32.4. We’re utilizing about 22 of those channels now (I think). We use a 16 channel 100′ snake to push our channels to the board. We also added a Lexicon 300 this weekend (and I love it!). We used the YMCA’s acoustics to give us our effects, but the sound absorption of the theater required us to buy an FX processor. I was really happy with our sound yesterday. It was really dry on the stage, but that’ll take some time to tweak. We run out of our board using L & R XLR and run stereo into the theater’s sound system which only takes RCA – which requires some conversion. Their system has a terrible buzz in it that was only amplified by how we pushed the system. Sean (our amazingly helpful contact at Regal – thanks again for your hard work this weekend, Sean) said that it should be fixed within the next week. Something’s definitely not grounded. I’m not sure about everyone else in the room, but it was deafening to me – but I tend to be slightly anal retentive at moments.

We’re limited by two things – electricity and dimmer packs. We run 12 par cans (300 W/each) and 2 ellipsoidal (600 W/each) divided on 2 dimmer packs (Lightronics AS 42-D). These lights are controlled by a Lightronics 3012. We used the same system in the YMCA, but the room was so big it really got lost. The same system was quite overwhelming in the Regal from the stage. It was extremely difficult to see past the first 4 or 5 rows. We’re going to continue to tweak the system, hopefull adding 2 more dimmer packs to control lighting in the back of the room. Right now we run all of our par cans right over the stage (2 short light trusses angled to the stage) and we run our ellipsoidals as a wash of white on the stage (2 trees on opposite sides of the theater about 50 feet from the stage). We hope to add 6 more 500W par cans to the the two back light trees and 4 more 300W par cans on the short trusses to give us a greater wash on the stage. We’re going to have to really work to ensure our wash doesn’t bleed over onto our stage. We may use colored ellipsoidals on the back trees rather than par cans. We actually have 2 ellipsoidals and about 8 or so par cans we’re not using. The electricity and dimmer packs are really our limiting factors.

Okay, that’s all I can handle for now. I’m really not a technical person – which is why I’m so grateful for Zach, Chel, Dave, Freddy, Lincoln, and David McCaffrey and all they do. It’s an amazing thing to watch the setup each weekend!



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