Set List 09/16/2007

What a day! I’m absolutely exhausted. It was an intense morning to say the least. We started setup at 6AM. We finished setup at 7:45 which was a reduction from the 4 hour setup we did yesterday. The service ran longer than usual, so we had to bust it to get everything down in about 45 minutes. What an amazing team. I’m pretty sure everyone went home and crashed hard after yesterday and today.

G – Holy Moment (Redman c/o Superchick)
D – Dancing Generation (Redman)
C – Bless the Lord (Deyo)
G – Revelation Song (Gateway)
Bm – What I’ve Done (Linkin Park)

The band rocked all morning, but especially on What I’ve Done. I hate to miss someone – but I have to say again what a great team we have at UC – Jeromy Rowe nailed the rhythms on drums, Dave Sims nailed the lead while playing bass, Chel’s sound was full and super rocker-chick (as usual), Will Lindberg was all over the piano intro, and Bill Renfrew gave the song its meat – shredding it on electric. Michelle came in and delivered on Revelation Song and Holy Moment (thanks a ton for filling in) and once again Robin blew her pipes (alto) with tight harmonies right on time. I can’t tell you how amazing it is to have people like this.

I have a very hard time transitioning my head from one part to another and I’m not sure what I’m going to do about that – from setup to rehearsal to music set, and sometime soon, to teaching. We’ve scaled up tremendously from when we launched in January – there’s absolutely no way we could have pulled off this first week in a new location with our amazing production team.

One more thing – I always give credit to our volunteers, but I also want to say thanks to our staff. They always have other things they have to take care of, but that doesn’t stop them from getting right in the middle of what we’re doing to lift, carry, run, or help in some other way – to Jonathan, Vikie, Tim, Ray, Pam, Joe, Angela, and Freddie – thank you for setting the standard in leadership by example.


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