1 day till our first service in the Regal.

We got a blurb in the Tennessean today – flippin’ sweet! There’s been some buzz about the move – woohoo! I hope we have 150 new faces tomorrow morning and I think our First Impressions team is ready to let them know just how excited we are to have them at the UC!

Want some good news – the Vols lost! HAHA! Okay, I shouldn’t get to giddy, Bama’s up by 14 right now over the Hogs. INTERCEPTION! Sorry – back to the point…

Audio and video are running great! I can’t tell you how relieved our team was when everything worked at the setup this morning. We started at 6AM, and just as I expected, we had everything put back away by 11:30AM. I took us about 4 hours to set up and 1 hour for tear down. We’re set for tomorrow. Now that we have some semblance of a plan, I think we’ll knock out setup in about 1 hour, 45 minutes and tear down in about 45. We’re using the theater’s video system (I’ll blog later this week about how all of that works), and we run out of our new Mackie 32.4 into a hard drive connected to their sound system. We just about had a problem when we only got a mono signal – but never fear, it was a bad chord!

Muchos props to our entire team – and especially Chelsea, Zach, Freddie, Lincoln, and the McCaffreys. These folks are awesome – and I can’t tell you how blessed UC is to have people like this – these folks are hardworking and dedicated!

I know we’ve done searches on technical setup from other theaters – so I’m going to pass on some information about that this week. I think it’ll change as the weeks go by, but this’ll be a start.

Kept hearing from the Lord today – not by might, not by power, but by My spirit. We’ve done the physical preparation – but what happens from here is a spiritual issue – can’t wait to see how God changes lives this weekend – especially mine!



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