2 – The New Baby

Zach and I went to pick up the new baby, the Mackie Onyx 32.4. Woohoo! We’ve been running on Zach’s board for about 8 months now. We actually launched the church and had a Yamaha O2R. Use of a digital board requires too much training and simply was not flexible enough for us to accomplish what we needed.

Also, because we’re moving out of the Y, we need to create some FX that the room acoustics have already done for us. The movie theater will produce an extremely “dry” sound, so we’ll have to play to find our sound again. It’s a big weekend – not ideal for a new sound board, but we didn’t really have an option. This weekend we’re running 5 vocal mics, 6 drum mics, and then all of the instruments and other inputs as well. It will be so nice to finally get a board big enough to handle everything we do during a weekend service – also a lot more versatility with aux mixes and eqs.

Two more days till we launch. Anyone available to help tomorrow would be fantastic. We’ll start at 6AM to do a test setup up and we have to finish by noon. If you don’t know much about sound/lighting/media, etc – it’s okay – we still need you so the techies can focus on their areas.




One thought on “2 – The New Baby

  1. Robin

    Well I have not idea what a mac, onyx,o2r, or any of that other stuff is, but I am glad you do! I am excited for you guys, and I pray that you have a great turn out and it is a great service! I will be praying for you guys..wish we could be there. Give your wife a hug for me!

    Love ya

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