Dealing with Adversity

We closed one chapter of UC today with our final service in the YMCA gym. Some of you might have read my last cry for help, here’s the grand total of things that happened:

1. Dave A. was out of town so I had to schedule a bass player. The player I thought was going to play let me know on Wednesday he was unavailable. I found a guy online by Friday evening. Bill jumped in today and did a great job. Following me with only 36 hours to learn 4 songs can be a challenge – but he pulled through like a champ.

2. Kate (alto) had to leave with a migraine about 10 minutes into practice. She cried because she was worried about me being stressed. I picked up some harmonies and turned almost the entirety of the lead over to Beth (God, thanks for giving Beth pipes and a servant’s heart).

3. We still haven’t filled out electric guitar spot. I’ve got a guy locked in for next weekend and the weekend after, and I thought I had one for this weekend, but that didn’t happen – so my wife jumped in and rocked out on King of Majesty and Revelation Song (holy crap she did a great job). She’s really strong on acoustic and more comfortable there, but our motto is that it’s not about us – so making her a little uncomfortable so that we could accomplish what we needed was important (I’ll explain how we both had to do this in pt. 4). Zach (also our sound engineer) jumped in and a ton of body to Holy Moment. This song rocked this weekend – thanks to Zach and Chel for being incredible.

4. Will, our keys player, got sick, so I had to cover on keys. I’ve only been playing for two years, and I do block chords only, so it was rough on me to say the least. I didn’t find out till 15 minutes into rehearsal that he wasn’t going to be there. I usually practice TONS on anything I’m going to play on – especially if I’m singing as well.

All that said, I think we had an incredibly strong week. You know, not saying all that, I think we still had an incredibly good week and we continued with the signature sound of UC. I was incredibly stressed around 7:15, but the Lord reminded me that was sin. I left the band for about 5 minutes, met with the Lord and we talked it over. I already had everything I needed in the room to make it that morning – I dropped stress and picked up trust – how relieving.

I think I cried twice today as I was overwhelmed by the amazing team of people God put around me at UC. These folks serve WITH me. We do it all for Him and they enjoy every minute of it. Flexibility is the name of the game at UC – and these folks dominate at this game. To Chelsea, Bill, Joey, Beth, Zach, Lincoln, and Freddy – THANK YOU! For those of you who step in all of the time to fill in the gaps – THANK YOU! God has assembled us with purpose – and we rock out.

We had at least 4 or 5 first time guests (families) this morning and each one of them mentioned to me how much they enjoyed the music and a couple of them said we “rocked.” Thank you God for giving me such an amazing team!



One thought on “Dealing with Adversity

  1. zach

    woohoo! maybe i’m sadistic but once we got over our fear, it was a pretty fun service. and we got lincoln to step into the big, wide world of sound engineering!

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