First Impressions: Make Up

Chel and I were out of town last weekend, so we missed the First Impressions training by Vicky Anderson. She decided to teach it again tonight for anyone who missed it. She did a great job and she presented it as more than head knowledge – but action – which makes me excited! We’re learning how to effectively communicate to everyone who walks through our door just how much we love them and how happy we are to have them with us!

Points from this session:
-Who are they typical people walking through our door?
-What’s their past?
-Where do they live?
-Why are they there?
-What can I do to show these people that I care for them?
-How do they feel when they walk through the door?
-Will it be awkward for them?
-How will we make it easier for them to get around?

Thanks Vicky! I can’t wait for this week’s training. If anyone else is interested, we’ll be in the Community Room at the Bellevue YMCA at 8:30 am.


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