Adjusting Time

My blog hits tripled yesterday – I’m sure some of you are visiting for the first time – if so – welcome. This blog is a mix of the music ministry at UC and the lives of us (Matthew & Chelsea) who serve as the worship pastors for UC. I’ll give you more info in another post.

Life is full of adjustments and changes right now. I can’t tell you how excited we are about UC’s move. There’s a whole article about the move on the front page of the Westview this week and we’ll have a full page color ad next week. We’re trying to map out storage, what items to move from the YMCA and how the whole system will work. We’re purchasing a new sound board and some other stuff next week, so everything’s pretty overwhelming and exciting all at the same time.

The other major change for us right now is that Chelsea just started a job on Tuesday. She’s enjoying it so far and it really enjoying some of the people she’s working with. It’s truly their gain! I’ve been working from home since November, which means I’ve been able to enjoy almost everything with my wife for this whole time. We run all of our errands together, eat our meals together, and talk and laugh all of the time. The house is too quiet without her home and I miss her smiling face coming to interrupt my work (not that I really minded).

To change my friends!



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