Whooped ‘Em

That’s how we say it in Razorback company. Chel’s team is 5 and 1. They won both games last night, 20-0, 18-4. She played 2nd. I’m really glad she’s taking it easy on the knee, but I can tell how hard it is for her to not leave everything on the field.

If any of you from high school are reading this, you know how important chel’s # was…53 was her identity for as long as I knew her – as a matter of fact, she wanted to know what my number was…I tried giving her the number to my band locker (I made myself bust a gut here) but she wouldn’t have it…I became #15. Not that I ever used that on a jersey, but I just became #15. She’s been given #5, and I’m betting she draws on a 3 by the time the season is over.

(P.S. For those who don’t know our story, Chel was an extreme athlete in HS when we met, and I was….umm….not. I had a great GPA, involved in lots of clubs, extremely social (i’m avoiding getting to the point), and the drum major for the band. For those who know me, you’re not surprised, I was (am) really that big of a geek. If you’re lucky, I might just show you my ultra cool (umm…cheesy) salute. Just a little background for you.)


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