Set List 09/02/07

Ray LeGrand led worship for me this weekend and Bill Renfrew was the band leader. I can’t comment on much of it because I’ve only seen a few minutes of the video for the weekend:

Tell the World
Agnus Dei
Salvation is Here
Take it All

I’m not sure how everything played out, but I heard that the band really pulled through and did a great job this weekend – especially being 2 men down. I took advantage and relaxed most of the weekend, but I sat and stared at the clock from 10:00 – 11:15…wondering how things were going (and praying). The music at UC is my baby – I’m sure some day I’ll have to let some of it go – this weekend makes me wonder about how I’ll handle that transition. 🙂

I heard the First Impressions training was awesome! I can’t wait to see our army of greeters and parkers take their places over the next couple of weeks!

I can’t wait to get back there this week! Only 2 more weeks till groups launch and UC moves! Woohoo!



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