UpRising Church would like your help fulfilling the needs of our new nursery area at the Regal Cinema Theater. Whether you attend the UC, or if you’re a regular reader of this blog and would like to help, here is how you can do just that, right now.

Go to the UpRising Church Nursery Baby Registry at Target.com by clicking HERE. That should take you to our wish list. If you buy online, it will ship straight to us. We are hoping to have everything we need no later than Sept. 15.

So, if you are in Nashville, shop at the local Target by using the on-site baby gift registry list, or shop online. It’s just that simple and a GREAT way to participate in our move to the theater!

Some of you other pastors who read our site, you can pitch in a little support. This would be MUCH appreciated!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts as God takes the UC to places beyond our imagination!

(P.S.-in case the Target baby registry site asks for it, the “First Name” is NURSERY, and “Last Name” is “UPRISING CHURCH”)


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