Set List 08/26/07

Today was a short set (made even shorter by a mid-service revision) because of our special announcement:

A – Overtaken (Gateway)
D – I am Free (Ross Parsley/New Life Worship)
G – We Are Hungry (Passion/Steve Fee)

Looks like we’ll save Revelation Song for September 9th. We’ve really been smooth running with relatively no glitches for the past 4 weeks, so we were bound to hit a hang up sometime soon. I lost my words this morning on Overtaken, which hung us up, then we were shaky on I am Free and started both a little slow. It felt like we were missing our drive this week. We Are Hungry (though we’ve done it many, many times) was shaky. We had quite a few new faces, and I really wasn’t looking to lose any more than I already had, so I cut Revelation Song and we moved into the message – not to mention that we had 4 videos during the service today (well done, again, Freddy) and we’re still having to do tear down and carry our equipment a couple of hundred feet in this TN heat wave from hell.

Oh yeah, the announcement……drum roll please…………………………………………

We’re moving! Yes, you heard me right, we’re moving to the Regal Cinema right on I-40! We’ll have 3 theaters available to us (one for adult worship, one for kiddos, and one for whatever else). We’ll be using their system for audio (running through the mac) and our video. Heck yeah! Don’t worry about anybody not being able to see the words again! It’s incredibly exciting for us.

Other bonuses include moving to a Sunday only setup with all internal storage…woohoo! Tons of room to grow, but we’re expecting 300 our first week, so it should be exciting!



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