Okay, so I wanted to watch my wife play softball, but I forgot about the days of whining and moaning from an aching body that I would have to listen to. LOL! I checked the schedule and I hope she works some of this soreness out in the next 6 weeks.

Life is nutso right now…work is overwhelming in itself, but I’m meeting myself coming and going with other stuff too. Fantastic dinner last night with the Epps (Thanks, again!) and dinner tonight with the Case’s and then I’ve got to come home and try to catch up on work. We have the prison gig tomorrow night with Bill, then I’ll come home and work some more. It’s always ironic when you start a prison worship set with “I am Free.” Most of my day tomorrow will be spent with prison stuff, Saturday is office moving and church setup, then Sunday is church and I fly out on Monday to Houston.

I really enjoy keeping busy, I just feel like I’m always forgetting something, this week it’s definitely been the blog I’ve been forgetting. I’ll update more tomorrow!



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