Set List 08/19/07

It was a great day, again. We had a good rehearsal and though we played short one person this week, I think we managed a pretty full sound.

B – One Way (Hillsong United)
G – Shout of the King (Hillsong)
C/D – To Deserve (Bethany WPC/ Jonathan Stockstill)
E – Everything (Lifehouse/Kent Henry & Jim Stern)
Decision Time
E – At the Cross (Breakaway Ministries)

Thanks to Chel for stepping up this week. She’d rather play acoustic any day of the week, but she totally stepped in and played electric for the entire service. She told me I would have to apologize to the Tak later about all of that, but she was sporting her new sushi button (thanks Erika) on her guitar strap.

Ben filled in again on drums (great job!). We may piece it together again for next week’s service. We’re still in limbo till we find our electric guitar player. It’s amazing to me that in the city of Nashville, we are struggling to find an electric guitar player.



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