Set List 08/12/07

It was another rockin’ week at UC.

A – Break Free (Hillsong Live)
F – Lord of All (Hillsong London)
E – There is Nothing Like (Hillsong Live)
D – Dancing Generation (Matt Redman)

It seems like more folks are loosening up every week and having fun while they sing to the King. I usually post our songs at least 4 days in advanced and a week in advance if I can. I had not orginally planned on doing Break Free again this week, but I changed my mind, so everyone got a surprise when they got to rehearsal on yesterday morning. Joey had only heard the song 2 or 3 times whenever we started rehearsing it! Thanks for stepping in and tearing it up, Joey!

Dave Sims (our bass player) jumped in and added some tight harmonies this week, which was a nice addition. I love having female BGVs, but the more men on stage who set the standard for expressing their hearts in worship, the better. Robin’s been busting it for the past 2 months singing nearly every weekend – THANKS, ROBIN!

As always, my darling wife was solid on the rhythm – she always feels like the heartbeat of what we’re doing – I have a hard time leading worship without her.

It was a good week and I could see and hear people entering into genuine expressions of their adoration for the King…


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