Letting Go of Youth

Okay, so I’m not really getting old, but I am officially moving from my early twenties to my mid-twenties and I’m having an internal struggle. How is it that you grow older and gain maturity but keep the fire and passion of youth?

My passion has always gotten me in trouble at work. I look to make things better and address ailing system much to the chagrin of co-workers. They told me I’d grow out of that, but I don’t want to. I don’t want to see everything in the world as unchangeable or become cynical about the most mundane details of life. I don’t want to believe that change isn’t worth working for and begin to see truth as all relative.

We went to a conference and someone who didn’t know us looked at the two of us and said that we’re a breath of fresh air wherever we go and we make Him smile. I don’t want to become anything but that. I want to be so serious and dedicated to the vision God’s given me for life that at 30, and 40, and 60 I know how to do it better, but I still laugh and enjoy the adventure…



2 thoughts on “Letting Go of Youth

  1. Robin

    Happy Birthday Day Matthew!!! Matthew I know in my heart that you and Chel’s will have the passion and be serious and dedicated to the vison of God for all of your days! I agree with the person that said you both are a breath of fresh air, you both make me feel young again. I feel very blessed to know and love you both. If the lord would have blessed me with a son on this earth I would have wanted him to be just like you, but I feel more blessed to call you friend! Happy Birthday Friend!

    Love ya!

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