Preparing for Guests

Having dinner guests to the Daniel home is a major event. It happens quite regularly, but there’s an amount of detail that goes into it that blows me away. My wife comes up with the menu, lists of food needed, lists of food we have to purchase it and where it should come from. Every square inch of carpet is vacuumed, the cat gets locked into the bedroom, everything is inspected, candles are lit, new soap, new cloths…all for a new guest. We even move our car across the parking lot so the spot directly in front of our apartment is open. We prepare the food ahead of time so we have plenty of time to talk while our guests are here

On the other hand old friends get clean-up, but they don’t get quite the detail put in as the first-timers. When Zach and Erika (really good friends) come over, Claire opens the refrigerator and sees what she wants, they know they’re welcome to it – they fix their own drinks and know that our house is open to them.

Tonight, we have first-timers coming to the house and we’ve been preparing all day…as a matter of fact, we started yesterday afternoon. So what’s the point?

If you do the same thing at your home, how much more should we do it for our first-time guests at UC. Sweep the floors, inspect every square inch, practice our music, rehearse our teachings, make coffee and snacks, all of this for two purposes – to welcome the King, and welcome our guests. Leave the front parking spots, shake their hands, fix their coffee for them, fill out their guest card for them, show them to their seat – do for them at church even more than you would do in your home…prepare for our guests!

Rising Upward, Rising Inward, Rising Outward….



2 thoughts on “Preparing for Guests

  1. Robin

    I think it is a wonderful thing that you guys care enougth about your guests to go the extra miles, even down to leaving chocolate on your pillow!!!! I love that about you guys!

  2. zach

    not only do they clean-up the house, etc. the daniel’s offer their guests the finest drinkware imaginable… Chicago Cubs cups. nothing tastes better than a sip from a Cubs cup.

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