Pam wrote about it in her blog, but I wanted to write it as well.

Some of you at UC haven’t had a church “family” in a long time. We came from an amazing church family. FC sent us to Nashville with thousands of dollars, gifts galore, prayers, and support like you can’t imagine. The church celebrated every holiday and birthday with us. When you spend that much time around people (up to 5 nights a week with some of the folks – I sure do miss you Ms. Anne), they begin to feel more like family than your own “family” does. These people are fixing you food after a surgery or sickness, they know you and know when you’re having a good day and when you’re having a bad day and they take care of you.

When we came to Nashville, it wasn’t just like we left the family that our parents and siblings provided, it was like we left an extended family of 1,000 people. UC has been awesome, we serve together, we love each other, we’re united by our vision, but I haven’t felt like I was part of a family just yet. I knew the feeling would eventually come, it just wasn’t there yet – until this weekend. This weekend, I felt like we were more than a church, I felt like we were a church family. Chel and I were talking and she felt the exact same way this weekend. I think the way we saw our guests loved on and our opportunity to spend time at The Edge was it. Thanks to UC, our new church family!



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