“We’re gonna make the blog…”

It was a good day.

Things really started coming together for my project today. I just had to write the objectives. Any instructional designer would look at me and say “duh” now, but it was so hard even getting that done. Once I got them rolling, everything else really fell into place. I’ve got to write the Learner’s Guide and Instructor’s Guide over the next week, but that should come together as well.

Grabbed lunch with my friend Lincoln, worked some more, then headed out to dinner with the LeGrands.

The LeGrands are our Youth and Children’s Pastors. We haven’t hung out with them in over two months, so we were long overdue, but our schedules are nuts. We’re always looking for ideas for set design for UC, so they took us to Fido and RocketTown. I’m always nervous about parking when we’re downtown after our “mishap.”

We’re always looking for new restaurants, so the LeGrand’s took us Sitar for dinner. It was our first Indian experience and our food was fantastic. The real treat of the evening was that on the way to Sitar, we passed a Krispy Kreme with the light on. Heck yeah! I haven’t had a fresh Krispy Kreme doughnut in 2 years. Luckily, the light was still on after dinner, so we dropped by and started singing songs about doughnuts…it digressed quickly in the car and Ray said the words, “yeah, we’re gonna make it into the blog…” I laughed so flipping hard. Our friends know that anything that’s not “private” is game for the whole world to read. All in all, it was an “A+” time.



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