Set List 07/22/2007

I would venture to say that the 8:30 was probably the roughest service we’ve had in a very long time.

-We completely lost front of house monitors. (then I put my voice on overdrive)
-Pastor Joe’s mic gave out.
-Rough transitions on videos.
-Wrong notes/chords.
-My voice.

That’s the bad list. It was almost all completely fixed for the second service (except for my voice). It went much, much, much smoother. Thanks to our Tech Team (Zach, Freddy, Lincoln, Chel, and Dave) for jumping in after the first service and knocking out all of our problems. I’m not sure why it was so rough technically and musically, but it definitely cleaned up in the 2nd service.

Our set list for the morning:
D – Dancing Generation (Matt Redman)
B – King of Majesty (Hillsong)
E – Everything (Lifehouse)
D – I Will Boast (Paul Baloche)

Not much more to say about that for now…



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