My Foot

Just in case any of you were worried after yesterday, my foot’s okay. I dropped the encased drum shield off the edge of the stage onto my foot. It’s still sore to the touch, but it doesn’t hurt to walk any more. I can’t believe that’s the worst to happen to me in 6 months – I’m usually quite clumsy.

I dropped a table on the same foot a week before my 16th birthday while working for a caterer. I couldn’t wear shoes (and I used to) for the next month. I still have nerve damage from that mishap. I’m thankful it wasn’t nearly as bad this time around…



2 thoughts on “My Foot

  1. Patti LeGrand

    It’s a dangerous job setting up and tearing down. Ray cut his finger open this past Sunday during tear down. Another time he cut his leg open really bad.

    Y’all better be careful 🙂

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