In the Spotlight: Erika Hastings

I think there’s no more fitting of a week to put this lady in the spotlight! Once again, I don’t have a picture (I’ll try to get one up soon), but she needs the attention regardless.

You could call Erika our resident artist. She jumped at the opportunity to be a part of the creative team, and there is no doubt that her involvement has benefited us immensely already. For any other church plants out there, you understand the struggle with budgets. Our desire is to always be creative, and Erika has enabled us to do that with set design on a shoe-string budget. If you were at UC this weekend and you admired the set for one second, you should know that was single-handedly done by Erika. All of the banners, the pencils and all. Wow!

Erika, you are an asset to this team, and I can’t say “thank you” enough!



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