Celebrate America

The single biggest service of the year at FC is Celebrate America. It’s their 4th of July celebration, which takes place the Sunday before the 4th. It’s happening right now as a type. It’s absolutely one of my favorite times of the year. I actually got to plan last year’s service, which was incredibly exciting for us. It was our first year of utilizing our overflow room (Conf. Room A). That video was actually what I sent to Pastor Joe and the future UC staff when they wanted to know about us leading worship.

I guess I’m just having one of those home-sick days. FC-ers, let me know how things went tonight!



2 thoughts on “Celebrate America

  1. Robin

    It was awesome! We missed you guys very much. The speacial that the choir did was so powerful, Roy Ferrell did the Narration of it and there was a video going..it was great! The fireworks were so great too, they lasted for what seemed like forever. We had tons of visitors, we were packed out all around, even upstairs! I missed you guys, miss you all the time. Have a great week friend!

    Love ya

  2. Jenny Hudson

    it was wonderful! the choir did this special where Roy Farrell would say something about a branch of the armed forces and whoever served in that branch was supposed to stand and then we would sing describing that branch with a video of pictures about that specific branch. when folks stood up the applause they got was overwhelming i had to lip sync the first half of every verse. it was amazing. this weekend the ensemble was the praise team. so there were 7 of us spread across the stage and we were the praise team for saturday night and sunday morning and rusty liked it so much we were there sunday night too. i love the electricity in the room when we’re all together and then on the 4th it’s even more. fun stuff. see you later – i’m headed to the bahamas tomorrow woohoo!!

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