Today’s one of those days that I say oil refineries, blah, blah, blah. Sometimes I tire of writing about things I know nothing about. But as long as they’re paying, I’m writing. On to the reformers, hyrdoprocessors, hydrocarbons, and tons of other things I know nothing about…


p.s. our friends are in from arkansas…yay!


3 thoughts on “Work

  1. Jeremy

    Hey Man,
    Good to hear from you. Actually along the lines of the logo question that we are working on right now, we have it on already. There have been 3 comments thus far. All with the same concerns that I have. Basically the readability factor is easy to fix. I am going for more of a first impression attitude with the branding than I am of the readability factor…nonetheless, that problem is easily fixed. One of the commenters on the site said that the first thing he got from it was an “edgy” attitude…thats EXACTLY my words about what I wanted the logo to impart on the viewer. I am also not real keen on the red in the design. And, we are keeping the branding for MP3Generation in step with the branding for our church. SO, we’ll probably get rid of the christmas-y red and green and just use green. That serves a variety of purposes.

    Basically, the sudent ministry is going really strong. We started in November and are up to over 20 kids at our events and about 15-18 regular kids on our wednesday night services. There are tons of challenges that just frusterate me to now end…mostly having to do with the allocation of resources to the students and the fact that our church is growing like CRAZY and our pastor still has an “old country chruch” mentality in a lot of ways.

    Ok, I’m getting close to venting…so I’ll go for now. Give me a call and we can chat about stuff. We miss you guys. 765-404-9417

  2. lisajoy717

    Hey man.. miss you guys horriably. I guess you have heard the latest for us.. you pa mowed my yard the other day.. it was such a blessing.. anyways…
    We bought our first house… and it is smack in between Hot Springs and Arkadelphia. Brand new home wiht 3 acres of land.. we close next week!!! Once again.. I miss you guys!! Love Lisa

    PS when you coming around again..?

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