I’ve been feeling slightly overwhelmed and uninspired the past few days…sorry about the scarcity of the posts. Sometimes my thoughts are better left in my head where the Holy Spirit can convict me of them before they come out…

Fantastic dinner with the Lucas on Sunday night, lunch with Zach on Monday, weekly meeting with Joe, creative team meeting, lunch with Joby, and dinner with the Andersons and Legrands. This is one of those busy weeks, but it’s the kind of busy I like.

After a fat dinner tonight of mashed potatoes, corn, gravy, fried chicken and cobbler made from fresh peaches (way to go Chel!), we went with the Andersons (Kevin and Jennifer) for a couple of games of volleyball at the Y…boy am I gonna hurt tomorrow. They do it every Tuesday, so I’m thinking I may go back out there. For now, I’ve got a couple of hours worth of work to finish up. Maybe I’ll be slightly more inspired and less introspective tomorrow.

Good night!



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