Disappointing Day

Just gonna be real for a minute…

Chel and I have dated since we were 16 and have been married for about 2 1/2 years now. I hear a lot of couples who like to have time away from each other, and a little can be good for most, I’m sure. In the past six months, we’ve had to take two trips each without each other…and that makes us sad. Chelsea left today for Arkansas and I won’t see her until Sunday afternoon. When she’s gone, I tend to be pretty pathetic…I miss her a lot and talk about her a ton…it’s just part of it. I’ve got tons of work to get done, so maybe I can keep my mind busy, but I sure will miss her for the next couple of days.

The other part of the disappointing day was the surprise call from my Business Unit (BU) Director to tell me that our project closes today and he won’t have solid work for me again until June 11th. Ouch! When you’re a one-income family, that can make things kind of tough – of course that’s why we have an emergency fund and that’s also why (though I didn’t know it at the time) I got a bonus. It’s actually attached to my next pay check, but that’s okay. I’m a contract employee, which means I stay busy most of the time – really busy, but when company overhead usually absorbs the hours of someone who’s a fulltime employee not on a project, I just don’t work. No work = no pay! Bummer! The Lord’s good and he’s definitely got the provision for us that we need, it just stinks that we won’t be able to use the bonus to pay off the car and start health insurance. But, it should only be delayed by a month or two b/c of this. No big deal! Just a reminder to be dependent on the Lord where I’ve become self-sufficient and be a good steward with what he has given us…cut the fluff for a couple of weeks and everything will come out just fine…



One thought on “Disappointing Day

  1. drama girl

    Just remember, if we always have everything the easy way, what would we believe God for. Ten years from now this will be a sermon. LOL

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