Because we did an outside event this weekend, we had to rent speakers. We ended up with 2 Mackie SR1530z 15″ speakers.

Here’s the description from Guitar Center:
More muscle and better dispersion for less cash. The tri-amplified Mackie SR15030z 3-way loudspeaker splits 500W power between the low (300W), midrange (100W), and high (100W) frequencies. The result is full, detailed sound in a sturdy Baltic birch cabinet that features 15″, 6″, and 1-3/4″ drivers, the WaveFront horn, active EQ, crossover, accurate electronic time correction, phase alignment, and XLR I/O. Frequency response at high SPLs: 40Hz-20kHz.

I was really impressed by the low end coming out of these speakers. We will definitely use them again for our next event.

On another note…the gym has made for great effects, even if it is a pain to set up – taking it outside dried out our sound in a way I didn’t quite expect. Next outside event gets an effects processor to go with it…lesson learned.



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