…And We’re Just Crazy Enough To Do It!!!

You’re not going to believe this…well, some of you may believe it…anyway, back to the point. As if being a portable church wasn’t challenging enough for us…this week we’re taking it to the streets (he sings to himself). Okay, maybe not literally to the streets, but at least to the parking lot. Nope, I’m not kiddin…

This week is so flippin’ exciting I can’t even put it in words. We want Jesus to always be first at UC, and one of the ways we want to see that happen (the main way) is to see people come to know Christ in their own personal relationship with Him. If you’ve been reading my blog you know that we’ve seen that begin to happen over recent weeks, which means….drum roll please……………………We’re baptizing! I LOVE THIS! I have the best job in the world…

We’ve got at least a dozen people who want to be baptized this weekend and we’re expecting more. We’re setting up portable pool in the Y parking lot and we’re not just gonna watch it happen…we’re gonna have church out there! Yep, you heard me right…UC is meeting outside the Y this week, and it promises to be a beautiful day (high of 79). We’re only having one service (10AM) so setup will be Sunday morning at 6AM, rehearsal at 8:30 and we’ll be ready to go. In the midst of all of the other changes, we’re having our first acoustic worship set which I’m so pumped about.

We’ll have chairs available, but I went out to check it this past sunday, and it’s beautiful out there on Sunday mornings – shade if you want it, sun if you want it, I’ll be sitting in the grass!!!

I’d just like to say thanks to Zach Hastings and my wonderful wife…without these two and their can-do attitudes with our sound equipment, we wouldn’t be able to pull of these kinds of things.

Can’t wait to see you Sunday!!!


4 thoughts on “…And We’re Just Crazy Enough To Do It!!!

  1. Vicky

    Now that’s what I’m talking about. God’s word ringing out for all to hear. It takes me back to the good old days.

  2. Amanda

    Please take pictures!!I was wondering why you and the other two guys were standing outside under the trees for so long on Sunday morning. Thanks for letting us stay with you this weekend. I hope the wedding goes great. Enjoy hog country!

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