In the Spotlight: Dave Beigert

This is my ol’ hippy friend Dave! Fitting that he’s wearing a tye-die shirt.

Dave’s not officially one of “ours,” but the day that Chel and I met Dave for coffee, we knew a good thing had begun. This guy is a character…a nonstop bundle of energy, blues, and sarcasm – but he gets my and Chel’s votes for one of our favorite people on the face of the earth. Beigert stepped in as soon as we launched UC to play keys/organ. Now, when you read he plays organ, it’s not the kind you’re thinking about. This guy plays a Leslie/B3 like you’ve rarely heard before – he’s a blues man through and through. That’s why Chel and I knew he’d be a perfect fit for Jesus is Just Alright, but more than an organ player, this guy is a servant. He’ll be the first one there and the last to leave – he’s doesn’t just serve with music, he helps set up, he’s loaned us equipment, he’s given fantastic advice.

Look for him to make regular appearances at UC in the months ahead!

Thanks, Dave!



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