Church Planting Lessons Learned

I won’t presume that 4 months into launching this church that I’ve learned all there is. There are actually blogs all over the place with people much further into the process who can give much better input than I can. Here are a couple of more lessons learned 4 months into this, and I’m sure that my perspective on these things could change even more in another 4 months to be directly opposite of what I’m putting here. Wow! What a mouthful!

-There are people who decide to be a part of your plant because their desire is to mold the church to meet their own needs, not be a part of a body.
-If you care more about what you can get from people than about the person – they’ll know.
-Small groups will only happen intentionally. Signups aren’t the most effective thing, even if they’re the easiest thing. People really want to connect, but they need someone to call and be interested in them.
-Stages are expensive and bulky, but you get what your pay for. We paid a lot and our stages are heavy, but they’ll be around for a long time.
-You have to crawl before you walk and walk before you run.
-Teach people the bigger picture and they’ll be more passionate about their part of it.
-Say “thank you” all the time.
-Curtains should have a flame retardant certificate when they’re sold to you.
-Any cords in front of exits should be covered. Tape works, but mats are even better – less likely to break the chords.
-Don’t panic! Things will go wrong – figure out how to get around it – freaking out will not help anyone.
-Subwoofers are of God. The bigger, the better.

That’s it for now!



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