In the Spotlight…Will and Kate


Talk about an answered prayer…

These two came to use right in the nick of time. Will and Kate are both from Texas, but they’re also freshmen at Belmont. Both are really involved in the music program there, and they responded to an ad UC posted on campus about needing a piano player and vocalist.

These two have added rehearsals and weekend services to their busy schedule of classes and work – and we can’t tell them how much we appreciate their time. It’s exciting to get to see these two grow in the process, as well.

Unfortunately, these two are heading back to Texas to lead worship this summer for a camp, but they’ve promised they’ll visit at least once during the summer and that they’ll be back in the fall. UC has become their “home away from home,” and we’ve been greatful to have them. This week is Kate’s last week and Will’s got two more.

If you’re play keys or sing and are interested in helping fill the void these two are going to leave, drop me an email at



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