Your Story

As I said earlier, it’s been a tough week. I have tons of email to reply to. I still have another 6 hours of work I need to get done and probably only about 2 hours tomorrow to do it. I’m somewhere around 55 hours this week for my company(no OT pay – though I am hourly) and then just about every other waking hour on UC stuff this week – definitely not enough time sitting at the feet of Jesus – but that’s nobody’s fault but mine.

I’m a member of a professional society of trainers and I haven’t attended any of their meetings since moving to Nash. I was way overdue. I picked just the right meeting to go to. I heard a presentation on Thursday by a professor at Vandy that was out of this world. I think every pastor should be required to sit through this teachinng. His presentation was on being a good story teller when training – and wow, was he an amazing story teller. I learned some valuable lessons for training, but it also reminded me of some teaching I once got in a School for Leaders.

This is my summation:

There are amazing stories out there – stories of war heroes, whiz kids, prodigies, the down-and-out who became the up-and-coming – and then there is yours. Sometimes when we share the gospel, we tell the story of Billy Graham or some other amazing evangelist. We tell the story of Paul’s conversion, or the brothers who through down the fishing net – but there’s one story that you can tell better than anyone in the world – YOURS.

We all have a story. I feel like mine’s not near as cool as Chel’s. Her story is about a stoner who met Jesus – now that’s cool. My story isn’t near as exciting, but it’s convincing to others when I tell it. What did Jesus bring you through? Maybe you weren’t an alcoholic, maybe you were – but tell your story! Everywhere you go – tell about how God is changing your life. I used to live in absolute fear of death. Every room I walked into I would study for exit strategies. I worried about everything! I had to keep tight control of a day timer and manage every bit of every day – then I met the King. I used to be angry, bitter, short and hateful – and then I met the Savior. I used to live on my own accomplishments and my own glory – and then I met the Glorious one. That’s my story – and telling that story will always be more authentic than telling anyone else’s story – and once they know your story – they’ll want to know His.

So work on it. Become a story-teller! Once you realize how he’s made you new – you won’t be able to keep your mouth shut.

That’s it for tonight…my beautiful bride is about to walk through the door after three days away. I can’t wait for a great big hug!!!



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