Update from Mexico

It’s been a tough couple of days, but I promise to update later today.. Here’s a note from our friend on a missions trip in Mexico.

but i am falling more and more in love with this culture as every day passes.

there is so much affection & genuine love– i am getting my daily needs for hugs, kisses, and laughter… my heart feels so full and God has completely restored my joy. now all i need is a luchadore mask & corn-on-a-stick to make it complete.

weve been working at this placed called City of Joy– an orphanage/elderly home/ young single mothers home… and we¨ve worked our butts off cleaning each day.. and it¨s been AMAZING to display the GOSPEL in action through scrubbing a toilet… playing bingo… sweeping/mopping/repeat…. in fact id proudly admit to being a Stavi (dude from The Ringer) character these past few days working with my hands and all…. PRAISE JESUS for PLASTIC GLOVES!

doing laundry in a sink isnt that fun… BUT praise GOD for fabreeze!

prayer requests: health— some ppl have had the Big D… Renewing our strength- we are serving breakfast tomarra mornin around 5 ish… WISDOM- joe, john, tiffany, and myself will be teaching tomarra nite 4 the 1st time in a church! BIG prayer request for that one— wisdom, GODs strength in our weak words & a confidence that its HIS Spirit speaking thru us… sensitivity to the ppl around us, a servant spirit with boldness to share & display Christs GOSPEL!!

two days we are off to Belize…

okay… i gotta run… well potty break! i LOVE YOU!!!!!! te amo!! lisa danger james


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