Our First Connect Group

We had a great group tonight. We started with two other couples, which is a great place for us to start. Thanks Ray, Patti, Kevin, and Jennifer! It was great having you guys tonight! We didn’t “cover” anything important, just laid out how our group’s going to work, at least what we thing right now. We’ll do even more of that next time. We’re vision nuts! Proverbs says that without a vision, the people will parish. Have you ever put 3 couples in 3 different cars and told them to go for a drive… do you think they would end up at the same place? NO! You’ve got to tell them where they’re going and let them figure out for themselves what route they’ll take to get there. For the next couple of groups we’ll really be defining where we’re going, and offer some suggestions on how to get there, but the most important thing is that we do it together! Living life together! Not everyone is like me, but I know that life’s so much easier for me when I have help from others.

Chelsea and I believe in small groups with a passion you just can’t imagine. I started leading a group of my peers when I was 12 and she did the same when she was 15. Since then, we’ve both led for all but about 1 year of time. We’ve definitely missed it since we moved to Nash, so we’re glad to finally get started.

Groups are the place where church happens. It’s where we all get together and encourage each other and learn from each other. It’s not a new idea, it’s been happening since the beginning of the church (Acts 20:20). Good times ahead!



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